David Lloyd

silhouette with a question mark vector illusration

I Traveled all of Time and Space in a 1953 Ford Prefect
The Hyperbolic Tale of David Lloyd

I can’t tell you my real name. What I can tell you is that my partner and I, we’ll call him Arty, wanted to build a time machine. Little did I know that Arty already had one and he just needed to calibrate it to look like something the world wouldn’t notice before he could use! I had an old car that would have otherwise gone unnoticed so we merged the two together. On our initial test time travel, there was a major malfunction and while we survived; now any time we get together we merge in like two guys who were in a nuclear fusion accident to form the creative juggernaut the world will soon know as David Lloyd. Our time machine still looks like a 1953 Ford Prefect, but any time we merge our face looks different. This is a 100% true story for our origin that we made up ourselves!

Ok, for real, David Lloyd is a team of up two existing TNM authors who prefer to go unnamed and masked like science fiction super heroes as they work together to bring you all of science fiction in one expansive universe. That’s write, kiddos (see what I did there), we are the genius behind The Farfate Universe, which is home to The Farfate Expedition and Utopia Falling (Coming Soon!).