Huxley Adams

HuxleyAdamsNo, I’m not a Cat, I Just Empathize with Them
The Legend of Huxley Adams

 I’d like to start by saying that’s not my cat. It’s also not my dog if you’re the special kind of jerk who looks in the background of a picture. To you sir, I say, no, that’s not even my foot. All that being said, I do know that cat and he’s an asshole. The boss said I was allowed to say asshole, right? Huxley Adams is not my real name. It’s a pseudonym assigned to me by my publisher. It’s his cat, dog and foot.

Basically, I’m a sardonic narcissist. Wait, that makes me sound horrible. I’m way too humble to admit to be a narcissist. Let me get to the point. I empathize with the cat because, much like myself, his affection isn’t easy to win and his attention isn’t easy to keep. Cats also go for the slow kill. They don’t rush their work. Why would they? They think they’re f… ok, I apparently can’t use R-rated swear words, they think they’re perfect.

For TNM, I write The Track Walker Chronicles. It starts off modern fiction and then takes a very, very, science fiction and horror turn. No, it really does, I promise! It explores an old dream of mine, finally brought into fiction! Apart from TWC, I also sometimes update a fancy blog over at Please don’t hold TNM Publishing responsible for anything I say, I already told you that I’m an asshole. I don’t update often, usually only when I get pissed at society. I want to grow up to be the curmudgeon all the other curmudgeons want to be like.