Jason Woodham

jwoodBlaze On!
I am Jason Woodham

Not long ago a deal was made for me to contribute a short story within the Vosteran universe for your reading pleasure. I’m the author of two books; Blaze: A Superhero Origin Story and What Warriors Will Stand.  Blaze is the beginning of a four book series entitled, The High-Born Epic while What Warriors Will Stand is a stand alone book.  They are unrelated titles.  I am currently toiling under the lash of several other authors on a few collaborations as well as developing my own card game.

You can check me out at www.blazingknight.com and www.jasonwoodham.com. Stop by Facebook and type in: Blaze: A Superhero Origin Story and like my official page if you would!  Make sure to watch the trailer for Blaze if you’re a fan of science-fiction action adventure!  You can find it on both of my websites.

Fun facts about me: I speak quite a bit of Spanish and some German.  Usually, I communicate well in those languages, but deep conversations are still a challenge.  I also like most any kind of math (what a dork!).  I was a high-school and collegiate athlete and I have coached several different sports on and off for several years since graduating from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Health Education.  Typically, I specialize in Strength and Conditioning and I have been a personal trainer in the past.

My contributions to The Box on Fire include:
FeiSpring (Available to read soon!)