Kevin Mooseles

20140815_142600I Was a Magrathean Before Making Planets was Cool!
A Short, Autobiographical Confession of Kevin Mooseles

For the past year and a half, I have been staking a claim in the realm of off-beat, pop-culture journalism over at the Escapist. I have covered topics ranging from how “Fight Club” was inspired by a 1994 Nine Inch Nails album, to the Nazi inspired racism of Emperor Palpatine from “Star Wars”, to the real life General Motors conspiracy behind the plot of Judge Doom in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”. While all of that is well and good (and worth checking out), the question that brings you, the reader to this, the About Me page is “What makes Kevin Mooseles true New Magrathean material?”

Apart from my creation of the brand new series, “The Resistance Is Dead”, my TNM street cred began roughly 16 years ago when I first met the fearless leader of this commune of imagination. I was there when Vosteros was still an infant; when Jonus DeVeblen was but a ghost in a play written by a seventeen year old fantasy prodigy. I actually read for and rehearsed as Jonus for at least a month before other teenage matters caused the idea to dissipate. Years later, Morris and I met up again in Virginia, we roomed together and talked openly about our creative aspirations, planning to conquer the world as men in their early 20s are known to do. Recently, through the glories of social media, we united once more and this time, $&%^ got real!
I have virtual naked baby photos of the Highest Priest Ever To Be Ranked of this site! How many current contributors can say that? If you want juicy tidbits of what TNM’s fearless founder was like in high school, you know where to come. If you are curious about how badly things could go before hope decides to snap back like a rubber band, read “The Resistance is Dead”.
Things I Write for The Box on Fire: