The Ballad of Bayan Stormhammer


Completed and Current Story Arcs

Stanza I: The Storm of Hammers
If you are new to the Ballad, this is the place to start. Stanza I sets the stage for all the things to come in this serial novel.

Stanza II: The Path to Valiance
Stanza II begins Bayan Stormhammer’s path down the road to Valiance. Like Stanza I, it sets the stage for events to come.

Stanza III: The First Code
Bayan’s journey continues and now he has officially joined the ranks of the Warriors of Valiance, the Subarii. Will his first quest as a Subarii Squire cause him to adhere even more tightly to the Codes or will it slowly tear him away from them?




ISSN: 2379-3546