Stanza III: The First Code

Othy_Stormhammer title_CCZStanza III: The First Code

The Ballad of Bayan Stormhammer continues in Stanza III: The First Code. Now, as a new member of the Subarii, Bayan and his fellow squires embark on a journey under the leadership of Braun Tigan, a Subarii Knight. During their mission many new things come to light and Bayan’s skills and dedication to the Codes are tested. Can he adhere to what he was taught was right or when one of his most important people is taken from him, will Bayan allow his mind to shift from protecting to punishing?

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Bayan meets his new comrades and begins his journey as a Subarii Squire, knowing that he can only advance to the next stage of his training once he has proven harmony with the first code.

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